Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Live - Federer v Berdych

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By Tom Fordyce
BBC Sport at Wimbledon

Federer 4-5 Berdych *
Another backhand pass from Berders, something else that wasn't in the script. Net-cord from Fed to ease the pain, followed by a chipped drop-shot that leaves the big unit floundering. Now then - can he seal the deal off his own serve?

* Federer 3-5 Berdych
Ouch - huge serve from Berders, lolloping in behind it to slap away a forehand volley. The champ can't get close to that - ace, thrasher, ace - and he must now hold serve to stay in the set. What was it Stiller as White Goodman screamed in Dodgeball? "You're going down Lafleur, you're going down like a sweet muffin!"

Federer 3-4 Berdych *
Poor approach from Fed, giving Berders both the time and angle to crack another forehand winner down the line. Fed has only won a single point on his second serve so far, and that's weak again - forehand into the tape for break point, and that's the strangest of shots - a feeble, sit-up forehand that Berders can cream deep and force a hurried waft... long, from the hurried Swiss, and the break has been snatched. Ben Stiller there, bigger of hair than normal. Will come back with some sort of Dodgeball reference/gag shortly.

* Federer 3-3 Berdych
Another famous face there in the Box - Professor Minerva McGonagall, otherwise known as Dame Maggie Smith. Was rather hoping to be able to segue from that into some sort of 'magic from the two players' line there, but it's more slugfest than sorcery so far. Big forehand from Berders to draw level.

Federer 3-2 Berdych *
Another one of those lovely dipping backhand passes from Berdych, but it's small succour against a spot-on Fed serve. Lovely ripping backhand from Roger, watched on approvingly by wife Mirka in a lemon-yellow pastel cardigan.

Text in your views on 81111
Dan via text to 81111: "Shouldn't the collective noun be 'a wrinkle of Chelsea pensioners in the crowd'?"

* Federer 2-2 Berdych
Checking the Royal Box invites list, it appears that there's also a chap in there called Mr Lee Styslinger III. What my friend Ben Dirs would give for a name like that. Federer finds himself foxed by a deep forehand that misbehaves on the bare patch just inside the baseline, but then spots a Berdych dropper a mile off and cruises in to dispatch with elan. Ah, lovely backhand pass from the Czech, dipping one up and over the net and past the stretching Federer racquet, and crashing serve - 137 mph - forces Fed to send his return long.

Federer 2-1 Berdych *
This is warming up nicely - service hold to love for Federer, going wide to the Berd backhand and cantering through at pace. Who's that in the Royal Box? Looks remarkably like Sir Michael Caine. And isn't that Jennifer Saunders?

* Federer 1-1 Berdych
The first time these two played each other, Berdych made Roger cry. Sounds unlikely I know, but so did Pironkova in the semis until Tuesday. Happened at the Athens Olympics after a defeat early in the tournament. Perfect start this time, the first serve a brutal weapon, Federer helpless under its onslaught.

Federer 1-0 Berdych *
Sunshine breaks through for the first time today as - nope, it's gone back in again. Super forehand from Berders, opening up his body to lace one down the line. Ace from Rog, and he appears to be cruising, but that's a lame backhand into the net - and now another! Gasps of astonishment around Centre, but that's a rock-solid backhand after a racing forehand approach - serve held, and a little clenched fist there from Federer. Nervous?

* denotes next server

1304: Federer prowling about in his cable-knit cardie, somehow combining knitwear and menace in a way not seen since Val Doonican last picked up a guitar.

1301: Big unit, Berdych - 6' 5", legs like racehorse, lots of weight behind that serve. A patch of red in the corner of Centre - we've got an outing of Chelsea Pensioners in place. Welcome, dapper old stagers.

1258:Come on, it's an easy put-away at the net. Berdych. Hello - here come the players!

1255: Intriguing head-to-head record between these two. Roger leads eight wins to two, including both their meetings on grass - but guess who won the last match between the two?

1250: The Champ vs the Czech, the no.1 seed vs the no.12, the Cardie vs the Hardy. Call it a pre-Muzzington aperitif if you like, but you'll be downplaying one of the tastiest snacks a tennis fan could hope for.

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