Thursday, October 7, 2010

Live - Commonwealth Games Day Five

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  1. 04:44 Commentary  

    So, what treats are these in particular on Fabulous Friday? Well, on the busiest day of the swimming competition we've got Beccy Adlington and Jo Jackson in the women's 400m freestyle in the pool and Gemma Spofforth, Lizzie Simmonds and Fran Halsall also going for medals.

  2. 04:41 Commentary  

    Firstly, an amendment to the schedule: England's women are still playing New Zealand's women in a Group B encounter, but it'll now be at 0600 BST, not three hours later as was originally planned. Those two teams are both unbeaten, forget-ye-not.

  3. 04:37 Commentary  

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  4. BBC Radio 5 live's Karen Pickering
    Contributor BBC Radio 5 live's Karen Pickering  

    On Twitter: "We're underway at the pool & the three English boys, Si Burnett, @adam_brown_swim & Grant Turner, have made the 50m fr semis. Not sure what happened to @GemmaSpofforth but she didn't look smooth on the last 50m. Third in heat, 2.12.93."

  5. 04:26 Commentary  

    On what just moments ago I dubbed 'Day Five' at the Commonwealth Games in India, there is treat after treat after treat in store. Check this, earthlings - we've got a quite remarkable 42 gold medals up for grabs today, so there's probably 42 silvers and 42 bronzes to boot. Hang on, news just in - people who know more than me have only gone and called it 'Fabulous Friday'. I bow to their superior creativity.

  6. 04:21 Commentary  

    Yep, along with 50m finalist Fran Halsall, Adlington was actually ill on Thursday as she stormed to gold in the 800m freestyle. Ill. Sick. Feeling rubbish. Now if that isn't kick-you-in-the-teeth, spit-in-the-street old-fashioned sport in all its brilliant, naked glory, I'm not sure I know what is. No tantrums or tiaras from those girls.

  7. 04:15 Commentary  

    Tell you what, early risers-cum-people-who-are-many-moons-away-from-Britain - if you want my verdict, I reckon that Beccy Adlington's got a bright future in aquatic sport. Anyone disagree?

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