Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Hodgson calls truce with Benitez

Liverpool manager Roy Hodgson
Hodgson has had a rough time since taking over at Anfield

Liverpool boss Roy Hodgson has apologised to Inter Milan manager Rafael Benitez for comments about the Spaniard's reign at Anfield.

Hodgson criticised the "expensive failures" he inherited in the squad with Benitez responding by telling him to concentrate on doing his job.

"If I upset him by saying something which I didn't mean to be critical then I'd happily apologise."

"There was never any intention to do that," he added.

Former Fulham boss Hodgson replaced Benitez this summer when the Spaniard left Anfield after six years and took charge of the Italian European champions.

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With Inter playing at Tottenham in the Champions League this week, Benitez has been able to speak to the British media to get across his response to Hodgson's criticisms of some of his signings.

"I think that Mr Hodgson, he doesn't understand," insisted Benitez.

"Every single press conference is even worse than the last one. He's talking about things that he doesn't know. And some people cannot see a priest on a mountain of sugar.

"Maybe he hasn't been in Liverpool too long. We gave the fans their pride again. We fought for the fans, we fought for the club and we fought for our players. So maybe he cannot understand this.

"With £10m net spending, I left that squad with £300m value, 13 internationals."

However, Hodgson insisted he was not looking to prolong their dispute.

"As far as I am concerned I work at Liverpool and do my best for Liverpool and he will work at Inter and do his best for Inter," he said.

"I have no comments to make about other people's opinions - I'll allow them to make them and in this case I'll accept them if that's what they want to be."

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